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So today I spent a lot of my time crusing the GD.NET forums; an event that I usually don't partake in. I've felt for a while now that the forum is just oversaturated with knowledgable developers, and pretty much all of the questions that I am capable of answering get 1-4 replies within the first 15 minutes of the thread being created.

Despite this, I managed to help out a few people and even get my rating up a few notches. Although I know that your rating is a triviality, I can't help but feel a few ego points at it as it slowly grows. I know everyone else does too, despite the "rating means nothing to me" jabber. [grin]

I also (interestingly enough) learned a few things myself. I guess before I never really took the time to actually read over threads other than the ones that were on a topic that I knew I could offer help out. I found out a couple new things about C++ I hadn't known, as well as reading over some interesting discussions about various points on the game industry. Some really interesting chit-chat going on around here. After spending this much time on the forum, I now see how easily it can suck up a couple of hours.

It also occured to me that we have a LOT of awesome people around here. Far less jerk-wads than I had somehow originally (biasedly) thought. I've lost count of how many people I rated up; can't believe how much knowledge is drifting around this place, and how much people actually care to give detailed and informative replies.

So yes, I'll likely be spending more of my coding time actually wandering around on the forum. Who knows, maybe even an article or two? [smile]
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Aww crap, there goes any possible progress on Skirmish. STAY OUT OF THE FORUMS! >:O

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I'm glad you've all confirmed by suspicions that helping people is bad. [grin]

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