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OpenSocket() == S_OK

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Mike Bossy


Well it looks like my networking over the years is finally paying off. My email request for artists looking for work came back with a bunch of great leads. It looks like I may have solved my artist woes. Finally my ugly dev art can die a pitiful death!

While I finalize the art plans I've finally finished up all the constant ripping and my game can now handle any screen resolution I throw at it. Next step is getting in the audio triggers that I've been meaning to implement. A game that looks and sounds good would be very cool.

Of course the question of "Is it fun?" is one that I'm dealing with. Do you ever find yourself too close to a game to know if it's fun or not? I've been dealing with this game for so long now it's hard to step back and just play the game as an outside observer. I do have plenty of friends who play lots of games so they will be my first set of guinnea pigs. Usability research at it's finest.
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Although you probably know this already (you seem to have more experience than me [smile]): Make sure that when you test your game with your guinea pig friends that you let them figure out how to play the game on their own. It's extremely tempting when you see your play-tester get stuck to jump in and over them a bit of advice to help them have fun (especially if they ask you directly!), but it's much more informative to watch them figure out the problems themselves. That way you'll know what to improve to make your game easier to play.

You might also want to find some non-gamers to see how they handle the game. There's a lot of implied knowledge from playing games for years that the more casual market doesn't have.

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I feel your pain on getting too close to things. A lot of times with my projects (not just games) I tend to get really attached, and for some reason it still annoys me when nobody else is as totally absorbed in it as I am [smile]

Of course, the flip side is that usually some of the stuff I'm sure is going to suck actually ends up being wildly popular. Go figure.

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