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Evil Steve


Yay, I finally got everything installed and working under XP-64. Then I get into work today and find that I forgot to open the port for RDP >_<
Also, TightVNC doesn't seem to work properly with it. It only updates the screen if you manually do a screen refresh. That's why I'm using RDP. RDP is probably a better solution anyway.

Other things I don't have running include:

  • My SMTP server - I figure there's little point in having it. I'll just need to patch up any E-mail addresses I was using in it.

  • TeamSpeak - I forgot to stick it in the startup folder...

  • FileZilla - I forgot to install it >_<

I got the new PHP though (v5.1.3). And then spent a while trying to get everything to work properly. PHP group don't know what backwards compatability is apparently.
I hacked MySQL together by installing it, then copying over the mysql folder with my old version (So much for doing DB exports), but I might get the latest version at some point.
I also need to take a ghost image of my C drive at some point, I'm sure it'll come in handy.

New server specs:
AMD64 3500
2x250GB IDE hard drives
ATi X300 PCI-Express (The cheapest PCI-E card silicon had)
Windows XP x64 :D

My new PC specs:
AMD64 X2 3800
700GB in hard disk space (200GB SATA, 250GB SATA, 250GB IDE)
ATi X800 PCI-Express
XP Pro
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