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Moving Along!

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It's been a week or so since my last update. That's because we've been pretty busy with our real jobs, and the game. We've made a ton of progress. The match logic, collapse logic, and gem generation is all pretty much done now. I have put in the initial match check when the game starts, nor have I put in the code to check for a new match once the gems have collapsed. I plan on having all of that in by this weekend.

Gordon added an aquarium type effect in the background. One of the light beams is being a little quirky, but it looks great anyway. You can see the water movement in the background. He'll be fixing the lighting bug and adding bubble particles in the coming days.

I'm putting together a new list of everything that has to be done by June 31. That day is fast approaching. Here is a clip of what we have done so far.
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