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Busy, Busy, Busy =D

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June is nearing!

I'm happy to say the S3Engine is now ready for us to start serious content creation for Project2.

with the kick-off getting close, I'm scrambling to complete the Project2 story and finish the website.

To tide you all over, here is a video of Rebecca (the main character) taking a stroll along the beach of Port Placid.

there are a few issues, such as shadow alignment and oscilations due to a bug inherited from the sheet editor, but overall I think it looks good.

what do YOU think?
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Well, I left my comments in the forum post, but I will reiterate it here.

It looks nice -- real nice. Besides the obvious shadow issue, which you already recognize, it looks smooth. The only thing I saw was a little "jump" from the standing animation to walking, the first time alround. I think it is because the character jumps forward during the animation transition. Or, it may be FRAPs.

Anyway, it looks super nice man. Keep up the good work.

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I think it looks great. I love the catchy little island music in the background.

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Looks good to me...

Maybe you've covered it before, but this is the first time (I think) I've seen a video of your WiP.

I have to admit the water could do with being toned down. Not that it looks bad at all, just it looks a little "hectic" to me. Something a bit slower/smoother perhaps?

Up to you of course [grin]

Keep up the good work!

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