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I'm gonna toast ya!

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I got menus and fonts working. Right now the only menus are the main menu, the episode menu(for doom 1) and the skill menu, but they all work. When the WAD loading is finished the title screen is loaded up, then when the user presses any key the main menu comes up. In the game it would melt away, but for now I'm just making it darker.

Also FLOORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(<-add about a thousand more exclamation marks)

I'm using ye-old span method. After looking through the code to some OGL ports it seems I'm not the only one doing this. There are a few holes here and there(like under the purple penis shaped sector in map 1), but I only took the screenshot 10 minutes ago. Should be fixable.

Also I'm back to using MDX. It dawned on me that while going pure-3D whould be a pain in the ass, implementing the software renderer would be a bigger pain. Not really a big deal, all I had to do was uncomment some stuff.
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Wow, menus already? Excellent.

And of course major congratulations on getting the floors down. Now we just need a shot of the floors/walls textured inside of a room for that total-immersiveness feel. [smile]

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Very nice [smile]

How does it handle sectors like this?

| +-----+ |
| 1| 2 | |
| | | |
| +-----+ |
The two sectors overlap eachother, sector 1 is shaped like a ring (so sector 1 contains all the linedefs) and sector 2 is solid but some way beneath the floor (this is a common arrangement in, for example, Final DOOM - a monster will be standing on sector 2, below the surface of sector 1, and when you get near sector 2 suddenly rises to meet 1 making the monster appear through the floor).

Mine would leave a big hole in sector 1 where 2 was, and you could look through it and see sector 2 through it. I never worked out how to fix it, so would be very interested to see your results!

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Well it should generate 4 trinagles on either side of 2. We shall have to see after I "3Dify" the whole thing.

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