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The Silver-Jubilee Bi-Annual Journal Awards! (now fat-free!)

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In a crude attempt to mask my lack of any progress whatsoever today, I've decided to turn on the spotlight on some other great journals just sizzling with juicy game project goodness. In no particular order, of course.

Scet's Journal -> Scet has recently begun work on a really nifty project: a full rewrite of DooM using C# and Managed DirectX. So far he's up to getting levels loading and some menus, but things are coming together nicely. Definitely a fun read if you're into the DooM series at all. (Who isn't, right?)

Ravuya's Journal -> Ravuya. That's right, the same fellow that brought you hit titles like Freezer 2, and Shoplifter! Rav is currently working tirelessly on his grayscale-ly stylish overhead shooter, 'Glow'. Progress has been moving steadily over the last couple of months, and a release may be imminent. Fun abroad.

Sir Sapo's Journal -> More commonly known by his underdog nickname, "the guy with really awesome spaceship sprites", Sir Sapo is working dilligently alongside his kickarse artist Mark on a space-strategy game, Axis Shift. He's even got a couple of promising videos out. Awesome.

Nit's Journal -> Although he's not quite the prolific poster like our above Action Coders, Nit is steadily but surely developing an online 3D RPG of fantabulous proportions. He's a little stingy on the networking details (but only I'm the networking freak :P), although there's interesting stuff going on over there.

Oh, and Skirmish Online is one of our IotDs today. Huzzah. [smile]
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How in the name of levitating animal feces did Stompy get left out of this? I demand a recount!

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Wow thanks for the extra traffic [smile]

I second that you Stompy needs some love here.

Plus benryves, his entires are always awesome, but seem to get little attention :(

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There's always the next Silver-Jubilee Bi-Annual Journal Awards, you guys. It could be anyone! [smile]

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Whats up with picking on the fat people (not that I'm fat, I only way like 110 lbs)? j/k

The only person's journal on that list I don't visit everday is Nit's, but thats only because he doesn't update very often.

Slacker =P (not that I'm one to talk!)

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Crap. I need to post some progress now. Thanks for the mention!

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Thanks to all the Stompy supporters. I trust you'll be voting for my independent party in '08[lol]

That list is pretty much what I usually read. Except, as mentioned before, Ysaneya's journal should be there. Oh yeah, and benryves's journal, which is always interesting.

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There's no pleasing you people, bah! I honour a few of our cool developers and I get whacked because I didn't honour *enough* of them. :P

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