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I have the graphics up to a state where I am satisfied. Im not interested in implementing the newest graphics engine. I am more interested in the play engine. Atm there is basic collision detection support, animations and models. You can talk to people by going near them and pressing space.

It was very smooth and simple to enable Python based scripting support via IronPython. It suffices for my needs, especially since Ill be using it as a scripting interface and not a full blown intepreter. With that done, I now need to think on how I will be creating a robust scripting world interaction , generation and management. there lies the core of this project. Will post more later but till then a screen:

An MD2 and a NWN model. I have some scaling issues.
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Those models (the houses in particular) are very sexy.

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Hehe. None of them are mine. Turbo Squid, polycount plus that one I ripped and converted from Neverwinter Nights.

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