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Project Preparations

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Well a friend and I are in the mist of starting a new project for the summer and maybe many summers after. So in the process I am learning how to write DLL's with C++. Right now I am sticking to learning static linked DLL's because hopefully we will need nothing other than that. If the time arises tho we will make it Dynamically Linked. Currently in the process of learning I have run across a problem. Every thing is compiling fine with the dll and test app. However with the test app the exe is never getting created. I am in the process of figuring out why this is happening. But I am not quite shure. Maybe it is a issue with the lib being linked. However I don't think this is the case because The Microsoft compiler should complain about a issue like that. Darn you Visual C++ 2005 express edition.
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If I had a penny everytime MSVC2005 Express pissed someone off, I think I'd have quite a few pennies. But yeah, I remember when I was doing DLL stuff I had to go back to MSVC6, simply because I couldn't beat the Express edition into doing anything nicely. Then I realized that I didn't really have any use for a DLL, so I ditched it after writing a nice plugin manager.

It was pretty cool. It managed plugins. [lol]

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Welcome to Journal land! here be some + for contributing to this fine site :)

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