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Well, I was asleep until somone woke me up =P (just kidding Raymond, seeing the graphics is totally worth it.)

Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

I finally figured out what to do with the beast known as the audio system. Lets just say that I was WAY off before. Like going to your neighbors and ending up in china off.

Anyway, I promised Raymond I'd have something done by saturday afternoon, so expect something then (something good too hopefully.)

Dragonfire Games Update

I spent all morning (about 2 hours before 8am until 8am) working on my logging system. I wanted to add everything I knew I was going to need. I didn't modify anything from before, so all of that stuff is still there, but I did add a user listener (so that the user can copy the output to a console or something.)

I'm moving on now though, because I have only a few more weeks before my deadline is here (to have the base of the engine done) and I want to be able to spend some time working on the graphics and audio system. The input system is pretty damn close to perfect (IMO anyway, not everybody seems to like the idea that its built on DirectInput), so it won't need much tweaking. Graphics on the other hand is getting an overhaul. I'm not definite at the moment, but I'm thinking full 3D stuff. I know I said its didn't seem like it was worth it to me, and thats why I'm still contemplating it. There is some really awesome stuff I want to try to implement into a totally 2D engine. Maybe version 2 will be full 3D, it all depends on how this one goes.


Discussion time =D. I want your guys opinion on this one. 90% of my game development has been using transformed coordinates and just recently I realized how rediculous that was. By switching over to an offcenter orthographic projection matrix I can still use xy(0 to width, 0 to height) plus I get all the benefits of scaling, rotating, and translating. So, instead of n quads for my font engine (n being the number of nonscript characters) I have 1 that I can translate around and such. This will improve the engines overall speed and efficiency by like 200%.

Other news

Finally bought my domain, but its not setup at the moment (I didn't realize I had to setup an account, and now I have to wait for some authorization crap or whatnot.) www.DragonForgeTechnology.com =D Once my account is setup I'll be adding a few subdomains and uploading my super awesome template and dft.com will be ready to go. For now its just going to be the website for DragonForge Technology, not dfgames. I'm still pondering about the dfgames team name.

Anyway, things are looking up and I'm getting out of my slackerness. Also, I'm thinking of making a very short game where running people over gets you points. That or another game idea I had that I'm not sharing at the moment. BUT, you can expect either Running Down Pedestrians or mystery game (I promise it by the end of May.)

Oh yea, and Questionable Content is by far the best webcomic I have ever read.

I'm done typing and I'm going to bed.

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Yay, websites up =D. I just put up a temp template for now, since I haven't finished all of the coding on my current one. I'm not sure though, I really like my old template (the one thats up and the one like it), but its not IE compatible, so I have to come up with something else.

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aye it should be locale specific:

Lets just say that I was WAY off before. Like going to your neighbors and ending up in (!myCountry) off.

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You should write a little article on implementing logging systems. I mean, I'd read it. [grin]

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I had actually thought about writing how I went about implementing it, but I suck REALLY bad at writing articles.

Anyway, I just got home and I'm going to be working on the audio system for a while, I'll probably post an update around 10 tonight.

Also, evidentally this morning I was tired or something, because I had no clue what linkofazeroth was talking about. Maybe I should try reading my journal sometime =/.

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