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Free at last

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Damn I have been on the run all day. I got home a little while ago and I just got done eating.

Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

I have a semi-complete list of features that I'm going to talk to Raymond about in a minute. Its not very long, and there are a couple that I know I missed, but I can't remember (we had a power surge last night and I lost a shitload of stuff including a couple posts I was in the middle of doing.)

Also, the section's header is a link to Raymond's journal.

DragonForge Technology

Ok, I changed this sections header so that the name is right and it is a link pointing to the website.

I've decided that making the Running Down Pedestrian game might get me in trouble and my other game idea was kind of lame.


Other news

After I'm finished with the audio system I'm thinking of writing a couple articles - 1 on developing an HTML logging system and 1 on something new that I'm trying.

I'm thinking about getting a job and moving out since I don't plan on going back to college right yet. I love my parents and all, but they really are driving me nuts (has nothing to do with them asking me to do stuff because I really don't mind that; it just seems that when I have no time they ask me to do tons of shit.) Anyway, moving out of the state at the moment is kind of out of the question, in case I fail horribly and have to move back in, plus the college I plan on attending is Michigan only.

The job part is what I'm more worried about. I refuse to work at a fast food restauraunt(sp?) (seriously, you don't want me working at one anyway, I'm not that good at cleaning things) and I'm not working at any type of gas station (I don't look very mean or scary, so I would be a very good target to be robbed at gun point. I can see it now, either I'd wet myself or get shot trying to pull some ninjitsu shit. I CAST SHIELD OF PROTECTION AND MAGIC MISSLE!!! Or, I'm standing on the counter so I have an elevation bonus =P; also you drew your weapon after initiative rolls, so you only have enough points to do a normal action.)

I'm thinking crafts is the way for me to go. DO NOT LAUGH! Its very hard not to learn to sew when your grandma, grandpa, aunt, and mom are teaching you (I'm also an awesome cook, so yes I will make someone a great wife someday, so STFU.) Get on ebay and check the prices on some of the craft shit - blown eggshells, pinecones, etc. Shit, my brother was wearing a hat that looked like a doilie(sp?). Of course, I'd have all kinds of game/programming geared stuff. I'll show some pics when I get the chance to make something. Maybe a plastic canvas sniper rifle! Also, shirts would be included in with 'crafts.'

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Well, I got moved to a different task. I'm actually pretty relieved since I didn't want to do engine specific coding since I'm not very good at it just yet (and I really don't want to screw it up.) I think my problem has been that I didn't want to fuck up S3 for Raymond, so I kept putting off working on it. The system is pretty complex as it is especially with me having practically zero audio programming experience. Add on the fact that evidentally I'm a slacker (thats what my parents and step family seem to be hinting at.)

Now I'm working on traps and puzzles, which will be fun and I have a lot of experience with. This will also be a HELL of a lot easier, since I can come up with some puzzle ideas and they can easily be altered before being used in the game.

I'm going to pick up working on the scripting editor again, but its going to take a back seat (until I have a chance to really sit down and read through some of the scripts that are made up.)

I'm off to work on that. Does anybody have any comments on the websites design, since the one I'm working on is going to be similar (with multiple skins and colors.)

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