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Sounds 'n Bullets

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Ironically the last couple of hours of the night are the most productive. Har. [grin]

I have sound (or at least the sound 'system') fully implemented now. All of the items have sound effects associated with them except mines and medkits/adrenaline. Abstract ones like that are hard to find. [sad]

Special thanks to FindSounds.com and A1 Free Sound Effects for getting me the sounds I needed to get things sounding good. And good they DO sound! The game feels sooo much more immersive when you actually get to hear the bullets raging out of your gun, and explosions that jar your speakers. :P

The notion of having a game with sound effects is especially tantalizing because many of my game projects achieve failure long before the point where sounds are required. I can't express what I treat it is to see Skirmish this far along!

And finally, the last items on my Roadmap for v0.05 is proper bullet images. Up to now I've been using the line interface that comes with Direct3D, which is limited to 1-pixel-thick lines. This was a huge boon at first, but thin bullets can be hard to see on many backgrounds depending on the colour. So now I have an image that I dynamically colour/shade during runtime depending on what colour the bullet is.

(I think it looks a lot cleaner; how about you?)

And darn, I lost the screenshot I had that showed off the sound effects.
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That's damn cool, sounds like you're really making some progress! Thanks for the journal plug BTW, I'll have to repay the favor later (once I have some actual content in my journal again[grin])

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Very slick! I'll be on msn this weekend. Message me if you need a tester.

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Ah I can't wait to have the internet at home again now for the next test!

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