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Life has become a Juggling act, where I have my Job, my Uni, my Family and my Project with Archie (not necessarily in any particular order) all floating up in the air with me running around left, right and centre trying to keep them airborn. Life is hectic!

BGC Project:
So we have been making some slow progress on the design doc. We have been finding common ground for story, advancement, skills, in-game mechanics, and general engine stuff.

As it stands we spend our time Chatting in order to work out a place where we both feel comfortable with the project progressing. We both put forward the ideas, then we either accept or reject elements until it becomes a feasible idea, or more importantly a workable idea.

Working this way in a team has been beneficial for me as I have gotten used to things being done by only myself for far too long (this has had consequences in the family life also :P )

I have completed another Accounting online test, and there is already a third one available to do... They just keep on coming thick and fast.

I am working on a Management Essay of 2500 words, and a sister essay on how I felt about writing the first essay. Idiots.

Another Marketting Assignment (thank God this time it isn't a presentation) is coming up, requiring a 2000 word essay (should not be of too great difficulty now that I have found that one of my wifes friends is a tutor)

Statistics is about to take my weekend, as I have an online submission to complete based on SPSS, and I haven't started using the software yet (due on Monday). So this weekend I will be learning how to use SPSS for Statistics stuff and attempting to answer the questions.

Family life is reasonably stable. My wife is very understanding of my need to be up late into the night on most nights. Darcy has been very unimpressed with me staying up until 2am, as I do my work in the same room that he sleeps. He often gets up to wander around in the middle of the night and seems to give me the dirtiest of looks. I have attempted to sheild his eyes from the light by draping a towel off the desk so as to allow him to sleep uninterrupted - which went well over the past couple of nights.

Well, what can I say? IBM are idiots, because although they fixed their Drivers/Firmware page so that it actually has Disk 1 and Disk 2 for the firmware available (instead of two copies of Disk 1), the SATA RAID drivers they provide do not work for the particular model server. I have just set the machine running two dynamic disks in software mirror setup. This is not ideal, but I have little choice.

I have been trying to add some stuff to my journal for a while. Been trying to get more on the Future of RPGs Wiki, and have so far not had too much response for accounts to add and maintain the site. If only I had some more time. Anyway, there are a couple of users who have volunteered, though nothing has been added as yet. I may need to create a mailing list of these users so we can keep informed as to what direction the wiki is to take, how we are to format and enter stuff.

I am now managing 3 wiki's, and this has helped push me back into the wonderful world of SQL. The last time I touched it was when I was using Oracle at Uni before I quit. I don't mind databasing, but it can be rather dull. At least it is logical (unlike Marketting). I have also had the chance to go through some PHP code for the first time since I picked up a PHP book and read the first chapter some years ago. I might have to make some more time to get to really KNOW it if I can organise myself during the semester break or something.

I think that is enough for tonight. I'll probably try to get an update going regarding the BGC developments as they happen, as ArchWizard seems to be keeping the progress updated, and keeping everyone informed. I really should follow his lead more with regard to public relations and advertising. (Yeah, I hate marketting)
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