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Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

As I said yesterday, I got moved to trap/puzzle design. I go a couple ideas wrote down, but sadly I can't share them =/.

DragonForge Technology


Other news

I'm getting a new monitor in the form of a dell 23" widescreen lcd. It'll spike my dell bill up $40 (from almost $70 to about $110), but I'm also going to be getting $40 more a month. I'm am so glad my parents trust me enough to put this stuff on their credit card lol.

EDIT: Good point linkofazeroth.

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I'm not going to laugh - I don't see the point in it, it's cool that you can cook and sew - but now you're inviting people to laugh at you. [sad]

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@LinkOfAzeroth: Good point

Ok, so I couldn't do it =/. The monitor I was going to get would have put over $1100 dollars onto the card. So, I'm just going to get a 19" and save the extra 20 bucks until I have enough to buy one with cash at half the price (CircuitCity has a nice 21" widescreen for $586.)

I was going to hang out at the mall, but I forgot that I had to do the paperwork for this week (thats where the extra $40/month is coming from, which averages out to more than $10/hour (for just that).) Kind of pointless anyway, I would have looked like a loser going their by myself. Meh, I'll have plenty of time to meet people when I move out in a little while.

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Well, there's a silver lining in every cloud... There's two in yours, at leat visible at a glance. One, you'll get that monitor you wanted now at half price compared to getting it now. Two, your computer likely hasn't been dropped and smashed (I'm amazed my computer still works after that...) [smile]

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Ok, heres the whole story. I'm buying a new monitor because my dad needs a new one and they can't afford to buy one (and I can because they support my sorry ass lol.) So, I gave him my 15" lcd that I bought a few months ago and I bought a new one. I had thought I was stuck with a 19", but doing some snooping, I found a 20.1 inch widescreen for around $10 more. So, I ordered that and a DJ ditty MP3 player. All together a hefty $680 some dollars, raising my bill by about $20 bucks a month. But, I'm getting $40 extra now, so it'll come down faster.

Until that gets here though, I'm stuck with a 10+ year old CRT tiny ass screen with absolutely no red, so I guess I'm going to be using my laptop for the time being.

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