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I have a graphics artist!

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I've completly forgotten that I have one of these journals.

Anyway, I don't have big news so often, but now I have:
I've been contacted by a graphics artist!
The graphcis guy saw my Help Wanted Post.

That means that my >1 year game project will soon be to an end!

Today I also went through the ~60 C# game engine/game source files and added a GPL note on top of them all. I also cleaned a lot of code, and removed obsolete 2005-05 code which still were left in some files. There's not much to code now, I am just waiting for the graphics guy to do his part.

My hope now is that the graphics guy have the same kind of result in mind as I have (his portfolio contains absolutly amazing artwork), and that he don't abandon me. He is after all doing this for free. I offered him a symbolic sum, but he said he just wanted to have something to do.
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