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An Introduction

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Greetings GameDev.net+ land!

I've had a GDNet+ account for nearly a year now, but for some reason today of all days I've opted to begin my journal. I guess I'll begin my journal the same way all good things begin...with an introduction.

For those here on GDNet land who don't know me my name is Jeromy Walsh. I'm a 25 year old game developer living in sunny Southern California. I graduated from the University of Missouri - Rolla in 2002 with a BSc. in Computer Science and a BSc. in Psychology. Yeah, TWO degrees...which meant for 4 years I had no nights, weekends, dates, summer vacations, or dates...in retrospect, it was hardly worth it. At any rate...

In 2002, after having graduated, I moved back to California to work for Liquid Entertainment. While there I developed the world editor, minimap, and camera systems for Lord of The Rings: War of The Ring. During the close of that project I began renovations to the world editor and terrain system to be used on Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard.

Shortly after WoTR finished I changed jobs and moved to Westwood where I was the senior engineer and original architect for Pandemic Studios' NextGen tools department. While there I worked on tools for Mercenaries and Star Wars Battlefront. In addition, I worked on our in-house world editor and asset management system utilizing the .NET Framework and Managed C++. Finally, I became good friends with the guys from Havok while working on a Havok Plug-in for Softimage|XSI.

About a year ago I left Pandemic Studios so that I could work at home with my wife Lindsey. Now I work as a contract programmer both in and out of the game industry. Most recently I've been working on a commercial product using Managed C++ (.NET 2005) and ADO.NET. I've had to write a butt-load of custom controls and am finally understanding the complexities of writing custom, owner drawn controls.

Well, that's about as good an introduction as I can provide. I'll look forward to posting my thoughts and musings as I continue development on my commercial software.

Jeromy Walsh
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