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Jeromy Jr.

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In addition to my introduction, I'd like to direct your attention to my Flickr Site where you can glance at in-utero 3D Ultrasound pictures of my son Connor Riley Walsh(exp. July 11, 2006).

Expecting a child means my days are, in part, filled with clothes shopping, registry item adding, house-hunting, birthing class taking, hospital touring, midwife appointments making, and generally just trying to keep my wife sane for the next 9 weeks. [wow]

Haha...cant wait until my son arrives so I can finally...get some sleep? [headshake]

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Hey Jeromy, welcome to GD.NET+ Land! I've seen some of your posts before and it's clear that you certainly know your beans. [smile]

Looking forward to seeing what interesting items cross your journal!

(And of course your ritualistic rating++! [grin])

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Thanks Steve. I'll try and keep the journal interesting. Since I'm currently working on a .NET application, it'll most likely end up being an attic of tasty .NET kernels I encounter during my travels.

At least....until I get funding for my game company that is. [cool]

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Welcome to journal land! Here's the traditional++

EDIT: I had already rated you up, so here's some cookies instead

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Haha!..sleep?, you'll need to wait about another 1 or 2 years for that! [smile]

Anyhoo....Welcome to Journal land! here be some + to boost yar treasure.

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