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OMG, my first entry!

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Well, i pay for it, might as well use it....

ANYWAYS, in case you dont know me, my real name is Nicholas Anton, and my avatar alone should be enough to tell how i got my username :P I live in Southern California, and am currently about halfway done with my CS degree in Software Engineering.

I'm not too much into video/computer games at the moment, not just making them, playing them even. I prefer to go out, take a drive, actually GO OUTDOORS. As for programming, I much prefer writing renderers, drivers, tools, graphics demos, shaders, etc to games. Don't ask why, i just have more fun with them.

I have one current project, Jet3d (http://www.jet3d.com) which is coming along quite nicely.

On a sidenote, im always on the lookout for short, <1 month contract work, so if you need anything, don't be shy :D My specialty area is Direct3D. (PAID work that is, gotta pay the bills you know)
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