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Texturing ho-ha

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Well I spent most of today banging me head against a wall trying to figure out why my texturing was so messed up.
Turns out copy and paste code = bad

VertexArray[0].Tv = VertexArray[1].Tv = (float)SegmentReference.Side.Y_Offset / (float)Patch.Height;
VertexArray[2].Tv = VertexArray[3].Tv = VertexArray[2].Tv + ( (float)SegmentReference.Sector.Height / (float)Patch.Height );

2 and 3 are of course supposed to add on to the first two. Anyway I changed it to 0. Now everything except those damn unpegged textures are fixed, but those seem to be rare.

Here are some more screenshots. This time at 640x480 with linear filtering.

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I would say copy and paste code accounts for 80% of my errors. However, I find myself writing such similar code...I can't resist!

It's really looking great. I'm definetly looking forward to seeing more of this.

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Viewtiful. Continue to show the people why if you want to make tools the go C# elsewise go C++ is pure nonsense. [grin]

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Dude, those look bad ass. Makes me want to play Doom lol. Keep up the good work!

What, you're not playing DOOM?


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