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Back In The Saddle

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Haha, "Back In The Saddle", get it? Ahh, never mind, I was never cut out to be a comedian. Well the good news is that after getting an MRI it shows that I don't have a herniated disk after all. Even then it looks like I may still be at risk for one in the future if I do not watch out. But what I do have is some abnormal growths on my spine that are pinching off the nerves causing the same symptoms. Currently I am going to physical therapy five times a week to help alleviate the problem and hopefuly bypass the need for any surgery sometime soon. Part of this treatment includes traction on my back in a machine that looks and feels like some sort of medieval torture device to add more spacing between my vertebrae. Below are a few pictures documenting my experiences. Keep in mind the MRI scan that I have here does not really show anything. The scan series that are from head to toe that show my problem are a little personal and I left them out. If I can get some pictures of me on that machine I will see about posting them here too.

A sample of one of my MRI scans:

My prescribed pain killers:

Me caught at work while I was on my medication:

Please note that the alcohol was included in the above picture as a visual joke only. Alcohol should never be consumed in conjunction with perscription drugs during the entire treatment process. Mixing alcoholic beverages and medications can be dangerous or even lead to death. Only ever consult your doctor about any possible exceptions. The cigarettes are not prescribed and unfortunately were not part of this joke. Smoking is a very bad habit that I need to quit.
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Welcome back, Corman. It's great to hear that you're still kicking, and that things aren't as bad as you had feared. [smile]

Best of luck with your recovery and treatment. I hope your therapy doesn't interfere with coding. [grin]

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Guest Anonymous Poster


What a hottie! Rrrooowww...

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whatcha need is one of these to cheer you up [grin]

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Dude! I hope you feel better. We havent seen you over at PW for a long time. Come on back when you can. I got us a fully functional and pro-active programming team :).

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Wow, so many people care... [inlove]

All this has taken so much time away from me but hopefully it will be all over soon and I can get back to working hard! [grin]

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