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Thanks Samsonite B)

Good luck with your webdev ventures!

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Welcome to Journal land! here be some + to boost yar treasure :)

Good luck with Dare...we did it in 2002 when it was a bit more of a shambles but, it seems to be taken more seriously now.

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Thanks Evelyn :)

Which team were you on for Dare?

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"Feel the Monkey, live the dream!"

I knew you before you where famous, remember the little guys on your way to the top :)

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We got two teams into Dare...Caveman Arts and Electric Soldiers. We were working on 'Combat League', a promising mass multiplayer/mobile online genre which attracted interest from several sources, including Butterfly.net and the national news, as we expected it to play via grid computing but, it needed a massive amount of dosh and we were too small and inexperienced to take it further. It was a good experience to go through but, it wasn't taken seriously enough back then but, hey-ho, that's how things go sometimes. [smile]

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You were on the online bandwagon quite early then, cool stuff.
I'm really looking forward to this. It should be an interesting experience, and also a great challange :)

How could I ever forget teh monkeh? ;)
-Live the dream!

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Hehe, yeah...we thought it would be the way to go, if implemented properly. It's a shame it didn't work out as the gameplay was just about worked out and the graphics were coming along nicely but, in hindsight, it would have broken the company waay earlier than has been the case sticking with bog-standard mobile games.

Good Luck with it!

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Kewl you've setup a journal for the Dare project, nice

Live the dream Monkah!!

new registered poster and I've already resorted to words like 'kewl' *hangs head in shame*

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Thanks evelyn =)

Hi Jops, finally registered... been on gamestech for 4 years, and only now come to gamedev ^^

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So where's da gamez at?

Day two and still no cool concept art up or your game idea. Show us the goods....:)

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Patience, patience, we're all busy with dissertations and final projects you know [wink]

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