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Yeah, that's riiiight!

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Hahaha, WHAT UP!?

Yeah, you know who it is. And I know you missed me. Immensely. Let's face it... this was the best journal ever? I think so.

God, it's been too long, hasn't it. Now, I know what you're thinking... "Aren't you making some grand re-entrance for like, the second time now?". So yeah, I got a bit distracted with a few things. But you know what's coming? Summer. You know what summer means? It means the game needs to be done. Like, ready to be sold locally done. So I have, like, 2 months. Hahaha, time to kick into gear, huh?

Looks like the site got a makeover when I was gone. Yeah, I guess I've been gone too long. I've used my super-cool GDNet+ membership to change my skin so it looks like it used to be again. Oh man, I missed my crew so much. You guys better start reading this again, cause my journal is godly.

So update: I got was doing alot of school work, flaked off on the project, played alot of WoW, flaked off on that when I got engaged, and overall have been working toward college. Oh yeah, about that... college applications begin in, what, 4 months? Completely snuck up on me. So I guess that means it's time to kick it into gear. Step up the grades, the skills, the portfolio. Time to seriously get things done.

So here's the plan of action: the reason the project has been on hold for the past few months is because the artist I was working with had computer troubles. That was a month and a half ago. So I dropped her from the project. Now the next step is designing the rest of the levels, implementing, designing the hell out of some new object systems, and polishing this thing off by aquiring me an artist.

Ugh, I have to go get work done on level design. Yay. More later.
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It's about time, I was wondering if you had died...[grin]

Welcome Back!!!

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You know, I caught myself wondering where in the world all the great welcome posts for the newbs went and poof, here you are - appearing out of the blue.

Welcome Back!

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