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E3 Checklist

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E3 2006 Checklist
  • Do laundry so as to have sufficient clothing (check)

  • Cram significant portion of said laundry into small luggage space

  • Gather up various necessities of life and fit them in between articles of clothing in said luggage

  • Make sure laptop is ready to go (i.e. is safe for use on public wifi hotspots)

  • Print out E-tickets and confirm flight

  • Formulate schedule and plan out conference session attendence

  • Become overwhelmed by it all, summon a large amount of laziness, and bum around playing Planescape: Tormet instead (check)

I'm also hungry. Time to make some food to eat.
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Excellent!! I am playing through planescape at the moment too! Hmm, I think I'll go play for a bit now..

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