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Traps and Sneakiness

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Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

I've got a list of traps and puzzle type things, but they're mostly cliche. I got the run down of how the game is going to progress, so now it will be easier to come up with more Project2-oriented stuff.

On a side note, I can't wait until June 1, I keep worrying that I'm going to accidentally slip up and post info (mainly the name) of Project2 and that would be bad =/.

DragonForge Technology

I took a break from puzzles and traps and moved to dft. I modified the engine slightly and added some sneakiness. Now, the user listener can return false if it doesn't want the html log to actually log the text. This allows something like so:

bool LogListener(const std::string& Text, int nType)
// strip HTML tags
// Uber format it, adding string font-classes, integer font-classes, etc
dft::HtmlLog::GetCurrentLog()->LogDebugOutput(UberFormattedString, nType);
return false;

The html log formats the string and passes it to LogListener (if its set.)
LogListener strips the HTML tags and outputs them to the console.
LogListener uber formats the text (w/ the HTML tags still there). Uber formatting is this:

\"*\" becomes < font class=String >\"*\"< /font >
# becomes < font class=Integer >#< /font >

Only bad thing is I had to double the buffer size (but its user defineable and this loglistener is just for tests.)
LogListener sets the user listener to 0 (so that its not formatted over and over.)
LogListener recalls LogDebugOutput().
LogListener resets the user listener to LogListener.
LogListener returns false (so that its not output twice.)
This isn't why I modified it like this though. Its so that if your system uses different font coloring techniques (like mine for example) you could remove the html tags, and then add your own font color.

I also adding ini read/write logging in the form of:

Read "[VALUE]" from "[KEYNAME]" in "[FILENAME]" under "[SECTION]".

Wrote "[VALUE]" to "[KEYNAME]" in "[FILENAME]" under "[SECTION]".

This is done only in debug mode.

I also got hardware enumeration somewhat done. By somewhat I mean that it enumerates all resolutions for D3DFMT_X8R8G8B8.

I'm done with the log now as I have added way too many features to it and not enough to other stuff. This last feature I'm know I'll use though, so its not a waste or anything.

Edit: Here's a sample of the log system:
There is a lot of crud that's in there that won't be in the final log (for example the enumeration stuff won't be included.)

Edit: I just realized that the only thing I seem to be making progress on is my logging system.


Other news

Hopefully in a few weeks I will be getting a copy of The Dig and Planescape: Torment.


Doesn't "You won't have to help" mean "You won't have to help"? When my mom first got the chickens and ducks I was told that and lets see, I'm feeding and watering them atleast 4 times a week and helping bathe the ducks every night.

When she started her garden I was told that I wouldn't have to help (Less chance for me to get poison ivy) and almost everyday I'm doing something in the garden from rototillering(or however you want to say it) to digging to carrying bags of compost/fertilizer.

Don't get me wrong, its not that I mind helping, its the fact that I HATE yardwork (due to the fact that I get poison ivy everytime I try to do it) and I HATE animals (due to the fact that I have personally (accidentally) killed atleast 12(mostly birds) due to negligence/being lazy, plus I was told that I wouldn't have to help.

Rant 2:
Edit: Note that below when I say "my niece" I'm referring to their oldest, as she is the only one that treats me like family.

Ok, I hate my step family. My step brother and his wife are the worst parents I have ever seen. They put the job of watching the youngest 2 into their oldest daughter's hands (14), but if she yells at them she gets yelled at (mind you they can say or do WHATEVER they want to anybody (including my parents and except their parents) without being yelled at. They're constantly getting into other people stuff (the youngest actually got into a bottle of super glue and thought it was eyedrops, that was fun. And then she said to my mom (standing right in front of her mom) "You should have had them where I couldn't get them.") They're allowed to torment my animals, and don't seem to think anything should happen (they tease my dogs horribly (i.e. throwing things at them, "barking" at them through the gate, fake-stepping, etc), and they kick at my chickens.) BUT, they seem to think that they need to raise me (My mom has absolutely no problem with me saying no to her, because she knows that I'm joking and that I'm going to do it for her, but my step sister pipes in everytime "Don't talk that way to your mom!".)

Both of the youngest say shit all the time that I wouldn't dream of saying to my parents/grandparents. For example, my mom started tickling the middle daughter and the youngest yelled at my mom to be quiet (even though she hadn't made a noise.) They're constantly telling my parents and theirs to "be quiet, we're trying to watch TV."

The biggest thing that gets on my nerves is they're constantly going around "OOH, We're christians!!! I know every verse of the bible by heart! blah blah", but then they go around swearing, NOT going to church, NOT reading the bible, making fun of retarded people (doing that stupid "dur dur" thing and hitting their chest) and just all around acting NOT christian. I'm not a religious person myself, but I'm pretty sure that that is not very christian like.

Another big thing that really, really pisses me off is that they're constantly judging EVERYONE. We drive by a person leaning in another person's car talking to them and my neice yells "DRUG DEAL!" Granted its possible, but not absolute (I made her feel real bad about this. We were on the way home from the store and one of my buddies was walking out of the cemetary and she said it. So, I look at her and told her what he was actually doing and she almost started crying (he was there "visiting" his wife and 9 year old daughter whom died in a car crash.)

And last, my step sister seems to think that she knows everything. She'll get into something that you've been doing for years and the next day be telling you that you're doing it wrong or how its SUPPOSED to be done. She also likes to ask you about everything, especially complicated topics. I was talking to my mom about vector math and I mentioned dot and cross product and my step sister asks me to explain it to her. So, I replied in the nicest way possible "Its kind of complicated and you'd never use it since its geared toward 3D game programming." What does she say? "Well, how do you do that?" She can't even turn her computer on.

Another sign of bad parenting that I noticed is that they don't make their kids refer to adults by title (i.e. Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Dad, etc.) I don't really care if they call me uncle, since I don't really see them as part of my family (their fault, not mine. They pushed me away), but my dad is their dad and deserves to be called grandpa and my mom deserves to be called grandma (this is actually my stepsister's fault. She's only like 5 years younger than my mom, so she doesn't want to feel old.) I see it as disrespectful to call your parents/grandparents by their first name (granted 99% of the time they call their parents mom and dad.)

They're also guarding them from bad things and they're minds are going to explode once they get into the real world. They're not allowed to watch cartoons that have romance in them, if they're just a little wierd (like Jimmy Neutron, Totally Spies, etc), but they're allowed to watch stuff that is violent (but god forbid they watch cops or Law and Order which have 10% of the violence.)

Advice for bad parents: Talking softly when discipling your children DOES NOT WORK. They'll just continue to do it. (Note that this next part isn't fact and its just something that I've noticed) Most kids under 10 do not act upon what you say, but upon how you say it. I'm not saying that you have to get bitchy or anything, but saying something in the same voice you use when encouraging them is really going to screw your child up. Having a mean voices tells that (even if they don't hear the words) "OH SHIT, MOM IS PISSED!" and they most likely won't do that again. Unless you have a sneaky brat (like their youngest) that just continues to do it, but sneaks around.

Sorry for the rants, but I'm really getting sick of my family. I'm seriously thinking of moving out of state, getting a very mean LOOKING dog, and getting a 1 room apartment (this way my parent's won't visit because its too far and my step family won't visit because they'll be scared my dog will tackle them and have his way. DOGGY TEABAG BITCH!!!

Edit: Expect a note from me soon that says "YAY!!! MY STEP FAMILY IS NO LONGER TALKING TO ME!!!" because I'm going to start saying stuff and they're not going to like it (i.e. telling their kids to STFU (not with those words though), to stay out of stuff that isn't theirs, etc.) I seriously don't care at this point, I'm not going to sit back and continue to watch my parents get disrespected (I don't care what my dad thinks and I know my mom is sick of it.) I really don't want my dad's son to stop talking to him/coming to see him, but this shit is rediculous.

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Eyedrop superglue?! I'm horrified!

Ouch, your step-family seems really really annoying. Worse than my sister [if such a thing is possible]!

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Yea, superglue eyedrops is a BAD idea lol. And they are really really annoying (that is why I usually stay in my room all the time, but its like an oven up here, so until I get my window fixed and can put my air conditioner in, I'm screwed =/.)

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