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I'm drunk :]

I was working on the component editor earlier, laying out the gui controls and everything. I have it drawn out on this piece of paper in front of me, but I'm too drunk to actually successfully work on it. Well, I'm basically jsut afraid of writing more shit code, because there's enough of that already.

Anyway, screenie of progress (about 5 minutes worth?)

The left panel is for selecting a certain component to be modified. The "Type Selection" is a textual list of component types (Chasis, Turret, etc), and below it will be an image list of all components of that class.

The right panel will be for component modification/creation. A component consists of - a texture reference, a texture rect (coordinates) which constitutes the image of the component, a center of rotation about which it rotates, and some other statistics (armor, weight, rotation speed, translational direction, etc).

Basically I'm going to reuse the tile editor code and create a multi-function control which can be set into different modes, one for each one that deals with stuff. IE, there will be a "SELECT TEX RECT" button which sets it into texcoord mode, and a "SELECT ROTATIONAL CENTER" and so on. Pretty easy, really.

I think the challenging part will be actually coding the GUI so its functional, and writing the import/export parsers. Because I bloody hate parsers OMG!!! :O

Anyway, Pouya is going to hit level 70 tommorrow in Maplestory (lv. 70 is the point where you get the third, and final so far, job advance) so I should get some sleep so I'm not completely hung over. And some water with my sleep. mmm water.

G'night :D
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