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VB.NET is the language from hell

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I've been taking a programming for business class at school where we focus on more realistic applications that you might face in a work environment. We are using VB.NET for the class, as I suppose that's the hot thing to be in at the moment.

I like the idea of VB.NET, but from my experiences it seems like a big mess and you have to find a work around to things that should be relatively simple (at least they seem to be).

For our final exam we actually had a take home project. This is a client/server app. that has the client send an XML request to the server, where it is validated for proper formatting, then, if the request is valid (and there is enough of the part they want to order on hand) the server updates its database, sends an XML purchase invoice back to the client, where the client updates its inventory database. The databases are MDBs.

First of all, it doesn't seem like VB.NET has a proper implementation of SQL in it. You can do SQL statements through strings, but not everything works as planned all the time. Quite a headache on occasion. Since we're using Access, I don't know if it's specifically the implementation of SQL, something quirky about VB.NET or something quirky in the MDB files themselves.

I'm glad I took this class though. We have learned some pretty cool stuff, but i've also learned that, if given the choice, I won't be doing VB.NET for a living. [smile].
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VB.Net has next to nothing to do with SQL [grin]. That's access making you its bitch. You shouldn't be using straight strings anyways, but IDbCommand objects along with IDbParameters. If you're using .net 2.0, see the DbProviderFactories and DbProviderFactory classes.

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VB.NET == The Devil
I completely agree, I end up using C# and then using some converter to get VB.NET code when I have to.

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I'll have to look into what you said Washu, but not for this project, since i'm already done [wink].

I've also been meaning to look more at C#. I messed with it a bit when I first got Visual Studio, but I haven't done much more with it. Hopefully it'll be a little more forgiving than VB. Unfortunately the class was focused on VB anyway, so not much I could do about that.

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