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The Team

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I thought I'd briefly introduce the team I'll be working with this summmer.

Jops - Team Lead

Amrita - Character Artist

Michael - Level Designer

John - Gameplay Programmer

Christian (me) - Technical Programmer

More about the game later, as soon as uni is finished, and we're all free to produce some more detailed design documents and concept art :)
For now, lets say it's a time attack, skill based, action-platform-puzzler, using magnetism to manouver your way around non-linear interactive environments [cool]

During the project, I'll mainly be responsible for the movement, magnetism, and general physics of the gameplay. As should become evident through this journal, these are critical parts to our idea and vision for the game, so I hope I don't screw it up [rolleyes]

Right now, I need to get back to my dissertation, which I might cover a little bit as soon as I have some spare time on my hands [smile]
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Hey, sounds cool!

Whereabouts in Scotland are you? I'm from Edinburgh, doing a CS degree in St Andrews just now...

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Actually not from Scotland. Came over here from Trondheim, Norway, 4 years ago. Now finishing my last year of Computer Games Tech at Abertay in Dundee.

Plan to enter Dare yourself?

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I was at Abertay a few years back doing the MSc Games Development course :-) It was good if you put the work in. Are Henry Fortuna and Ian Marshall still teaching there?

Good luck with D2BD, a few friends of mine entered it and took a lot away from the experience (all but one now work in the industry as either programmers or designers).


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out of interest, when can you enter dare? only 3rd year or 4th year, or any year? what sort of entry requirements are there?

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Thanks ukdm [smile]
Ye, Henry still roams around in his sandals [lol], going strong! I don't know about Ian though, he's still around, but I think he's moved to a different department.

Criteria for entering dare

You need to be a team of 5, and there should be at least one creative, one technical, and one team leader represented in each team. The best teams tend to be those who have a balance of creative and technical students.

You must be a team of students (postgraduate and / or undergraduate) at a Scottish, Northern Irish or Rep. of Ireland University or College of Art, or at Algoma University College, Canada. You can still apply if your whole team is currently in their fourth year and will graduate in summer 2006. Your team can have a maximum of 2 people in it who are studying at a Further Education college or who have graduated in the last 2 years but the remaining 3 team members must fit the normal criteria, i.e. are undergraduate or postgraduate students at a Scottish, Northern Irish or Republic of Ireland University or College of Art or at Algoma University College.

So, you don't need to be a 3rd or 4th year student, but appropriate experience and a strong team is crucial to getting in. You need to make sure you have a good idea about what goes in to making a game prototype, and that you're being realistic about what you set out to achieve. I suggest you check out their website, and perhaps the showcasing of some of the previous entries.

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Is Jackie MacKenzie still around in the embreonix?...just wondering but, don't mention our name as we had mighty dissagreements with the way she was running it. [wink]

I noticed that the showcase for 2002 just shows 3 of the teams that entered - Hiding Buffalo and The Fallen are no longer around from that year (not too sure about Midgetsoft), so work hard and don't take any crap!. [smile]

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Jackie's still around, yes. I've personally not have much contact with her, since I'm not team lead, but I guess we will see her more as the competition starts.

We'll give it our all ofourse [cool]. Although, what we do after the competition is still very much up in the air. Haven't had time to think about that one too much, and it really depends how successful we are the prototyping this game I think [smile].

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Good to see you guys on Gamedev! Dunno if I actually spoke to you guys at the Degree Show thing (was swanning about in jeans and a black w/khaki spots shirt). I took part in Dare in 2004 so know how good it feels to get in etc.

A few guys from Realtime will be acting as mentors (not me alas as I put my name forward too late).

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