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All the "things" are now in except for monsters. At first I was going to use a single class(based on Thing) for each one. Like in the last entry I had two classes Chainsaw and Chaingun. Since there are hundreds of items this methid is of course completely insane. So all the things use one of the following which all inherit Thing:


Most of the classes are fairly similar. Powerup is the same as Artifact except that they don't count towards the "items percentage". Obstacle is the same as decoration except that it checks for collisions, decorations do nothing.

Anyway here's what everybody comes here for, screenshots [smile]. The things do animate, but making a bunch of animated gifs would've taken forver. Does anyone know of a program that will record gifs?

A warning that if your at work / school you might want to avoid the screenshots, mainly the last two with hanging dead bodies.

Edit: In in effort to beat Ravuya to teh zombies, I started work on the monsters.

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That's fantastic*! Excellent progress. [smile]

* Yeah, I'm repeating myself a lot. But you're making it hard for me to not, since DooM is so darn cool. :P

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Pick the BFG!!!!!

That's sissy talk. Real men kill demons with their bare hands.

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I will be releasing the source sometime, but not with the inital release.

Probably December 23, 2007. That'll put it ten years exactly after the first source release. Hopefully the actual game will be done before that [smile].

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lol, sorry. I meant the cheat codes (IDDQD and such). Though, the source code would be awesome to see too (since I'm just starting to learn the .NET stuff).

That'd be sweet if you could release the game on that date.

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Huh I thought "the codes" was some sort of "hip" geek term for source. But yeah, the cheat codes will be in the game.

And the date refers to the code. The game will be out when it's done, with possible demos along the way.

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OH GOD, that means I probably just started something. If people start refering to source code as "the codes" I'm going to cry [sad].

Awesome, I love the cheats in Doom. I'll have to keep my eye on this =D.

Edit: For movies, I use FRAPS and then Windows Movie Editor to convert them to wmv files. For 5 second movies I usually end up with a 60kb file (without sound.)

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Oooh, can't wait to see how you've done things once you release the codes. :P

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Looking great man! Can't wait to see more of it!

Oh well, off to write more of the codes for my project. (yeah I'm using that from now on)

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You're doomed now Programmer16, it'll follow you forever [lol]

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Guest Anonymous Poster


amazing work you r doing. me also workin on a wolfenstyle engine. if you r not using raycasting then go for room above rooms and hopefully free look, and if you r using it then go for lightmaps, fogging and dynamic lighting in ur version.

keep coding.

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