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I'm back! With Pictars!

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So, I was talking to HopeDagger the oher day, and after some talk about OpenGL/SDL and his magnificent project, Skirmish Online, he came to the conclusion that "you have to update your journal, too".
And he's right.

So here I'am. And a friend of mine and I have started a project in BlitzMAX. It's going to be a Pokemon Gold Remake!

Project: Pokemon Gold Remake

These are early screens. And for some strange reason, the guy doesn't show when I take a screen. Gotta find out why. But right now, I'm concentrating on the map editor, collision and some strange portal issues(helping my friend).

I'm so happy about this! [smile]


School starts tomorrow...[sad]. Thats not so good. The bright side is the sun(haha, getit?[grin]) and that I'm still here sitting on my desk tomorrow afternoon, ready to code on our project. I've also started coding some OpenGL using SDL. Fun, but i've started to dislike C++ now, it's so complicated and frustrating. Not the best language for smaller projects.

So this is how my journal will be from now on. It will contain information about our remake aswell as some other philosopical ramblings, like Apoch's, I love his journal. [smile]

See you tomorrow evening with an update!
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Woo! Nice to hear that you've got a project coming along. Not to mention one that'll likely be very interesting to code. The Pokèmon games are pretty fun back in my gameboy days. ;)

Be sure to keep us updated! (And thanks for the plug, of course.)

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