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Who's the Master Chief now?!

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Yay Swedish Game Awards (SGA) 2006 is over! We broke several records, such as prize money, people attending the events, and quality on the entries! I'm so proud! :D

We even got an article about the finale in Swedens Scandinavias largest online game magazine, FragZone (now following the uber hawt trend of shortening the name, by being called "fz". Anyone remember Reebok?..)

But I think the best part was the ending. Where the project leader, Robert Gustafsson, announced the new project leader for SGA 2007.

Yeah mates, it's ME! XD

Man I've got some pressure on me now... hehehe

But I promise you this, it will ROX!

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They're part of the project group :) Two of them were responsible for our nation wide Tour (which I started 2 years ago) and the third one was our information manager. I hope we get more next year! As well as more immigrants. It really brings another dynamic to the group.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Tudo bem,é um agradecimento! Estou orgulhosa, vc merece tudo de melhor.

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