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I've been thinking, I really need to add checkpoints to the game. The system of dropping right where you died just isn't working out. It is creating more bugs than it's worth, and besides, a checkpoint system is much better.

I wasn't thinking about this before, but after designing level 5, I realized it. It was when I walked into this area (note: I haven't put enemies yet):

Assuming Stompy dies right there, he will respawn right into the wall above him. With a checkpoint system, problems like this won't happen. Also, the annoying bugs caused by falling off cliffs will dissapear.

However, there is one problem, Level 1. If I make a checkpoint system, I won't be able to reset the background scroll. This will screw up the sniper bot positions. So...only one check point before the boss in level 1[grin]


I downloaded a game called Cave Story. I've never played it, but I've heard it's pretty popular. I suggest giving it a try if you haven't, because it's really good.

It's from Japan, so you'll have to download the english patch.
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Thanks! Indeed, it could be said that this is Stompy's world, and everyones is a guest[lol]

Cave Story certainly gave me some inspiration for my next project. But I won't be talking about that till June, or whenever it is that I finish Stompy's Revenge.

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Dude, I just played Stompy's Revenge Demo for the first time. Very smooth game mechanics, aside from the bugs and all. I'm gonna keep on reading, so keep up the good work!


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I'm still trying to take care of alot of the bugs in the game. By adding the checkpoint system, I believe I took care of a few. hopefully I didn't gain a few in the process.

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