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E3: The Final Countdown

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Everything is packed, except stuff like my toothbrush which I'll still want access to between now and tomorrow morning. Got my laptop all hardened and ready for exposure to public wifi hotspots (I'm posting from it now, as a matter of fact).

This year, I have a strategy: I'm packing only jeans and a couple of T-shirts. My goal is to fill out my wardrobe by picking up free swag-shirts from the show floor, and thus save valuable luggage room for swag. Some other improvements on last year include a nicer pair of shoes (to help eliminate blisters) and a shoulder-strap for my laptop case, so I can carry it around the expo without my arms wanting to kill me.

We'll arrive in LA around 12:15 tomorrow afternoon, check in to the hotel, and then go bum around - Medieval Times is currently on the agenda. After that it's showtime.

Being a tight-fisted guy, I found the cheapest hotel I possibly could - $55 a night, and about a mile from the convention center (so easy walking distance). Of course, chances are this means that there will be some... less than optimal accomodations waiting for us, but hey, at least it'll be adventurous. If it comes down to it I'll hide in the Halo 3 booth at night and sleep there.

Next report (hopefully) will come from the floor at E3, probably between/after the workshop sessions on Tuesday. Stay tuned, because you know you care.
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Best of luck, Apoch. Have a great time at E3, and record lots of tales to recount to your journal audicence that awaits, hushed in awe. [smile]

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