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Its a bit Shady

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Its A Bit Shady

Hey all

Just posting to say I have been working very hard on not only college work but also our engine. The landscape editor is becoming a most useful test bed for the engine. I'm using it to systematically implement and test features of the engine that are on my checklist. 4 days ago I managed to get simple lighting to work which gave me the natural direction of implementing shading.

So here I am, implementing the shading engine and having great fun with it too!
I'm currently only using the original specifications of GLSLang but will implement GLSLang 2.0 with a fallback to the original.

So far its going ok, except for some of the vertex lighting so I gotta sort that out. I think it may be something to do with the normals...

Anyway, the engine is generally flying on at high speed (well, high speed for me [wink]).

I'll post up a picture of the editor once I get per pixel lighting to look good.
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