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Network madness

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How NOT to run a public test

It's times like these that makes me want to settle down with a nice roguelike instead of all of this nonsensical "online game" jibberjabber.

Phase #1: Webserver dies after me and Draffurd install sound drivers. Darn. There goes an hour or so until we try reinstalling the network drivers AGAIN overtop the old ones and it works. Yay. But not for long

Phase #2: Nobody can connect to me while I'm hosting the game except one of our testers, CJ. Huh? This is weird. There goes another hour or two. Turns out I was trying to send data to a player with a null pointer. Darn.

Phase #3: It "sort of" works. We had a small group of very valiant testers (thanks guys!) who kept on getting disconnected every two minutes or less due to some disconnection bug that's cropped up. And other bug where bullets move so fast you can't even see them, for remote players. Oh, and ANOTHER where players (remotely) aren't getting death-notification packets. Guh?

I'm baffled. I really am. Everything just spontaneously broke. Ever get that happen to you? Nuts. But don't worry, I'll pick up the shattered pieces of my gamedev life and rebuild, repair, and reboot.

Doh, geometry/discrete quiz tomorrow morning. [sad]
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