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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Not much from my side of the equation today, but mark wrote up a good long artist update, and I've got a (un-narrated) movie showcasing my sideproject's physics.

Without further ado, here's Mark's update:

Hey everybody, it seems like I just did an artist update, but lately it seems like I've been thinking a lot about the story for our game, and well, I think I'd be interesting to see what you guy's think.

In case you forgot, the major conflict is between two space empires, The Archangelesk Dominion and The Empire of Albion, in a time long after the first interstellar empire collapsed, and the Solar System sealed off by unknown means. You start the game as a Captain or Commodore in the Empire of Albion, and basically lead your empire to victory, moving up the ranks until you are the commander of the entire navy. My late musings, though, seem to have fallen on the back story, like: Why are the empires fighting? Why are there empires? Just how many Bothans died to bring us that information?

For kicks, I'll start up with your empire's ruler, teh EMPER0R, or Caelestis IV, what I was calling him a while back. Anyway, I was trying to think of cool reasons why he was emperor, and I decided on a mish-mash of lesser known sci-fi cliches that had melded in my subconscious. Here it is:

The first emperor came about before the rediscovery of interstellar space travel, a wealthy man who discovered an ancient, partially destroyed store of knowledge called the Archive (hey, I'll think of more original names later). He managed to keep it a secret, using it to obtain useful knowledge to allow him to take over the planet of Albion, a moderately advanced world that had yet to rediscover interstellar travel. He used the Archive, hidden as a temple to the ancients, to secure his family's place as head of the then Kingdom of Albion, mainly by using the information on genetic engineering to make his line, starting with his son, essentially superhuman. He also tampered with the families granted royalty status under his rule, also making them genetically 'superior', creating a ruling class with real superiority, though not as great as the Emperors'. The Kings subsequent Emperors were ruthlessly expansionistic, driven by the mission of the Archive, which will remain secret for now (I won't spoil the entire thing), and helped by its knowledge, although the files on warfare and anything pertaining to it were gone from the damage sustained before the Archive was discovered. As Albion expanded and rediscovered stellar travel, the current Emperor granted titles to royalty conquered, each time, um, 'upgrading' their DNA, but also tying them to him through a secret genetic virus. In addition, to replenish the genetic pool of the royalty, who marry as they will, exceptionable normal individuals may be given a royal title and accompanying modification.
The Archive's exact nature will remain one of those ambiguously cool mysteries until the end of the game.

I've also been doing other random stuff for the game's story, like drawing the Imperial Strategic Command Headquarters (ISCH), which is basically a fortress-type thing that can retract underground to protect it from orbital attack. Here it is:

I've also been working on the blueprint for the capital city of the Empire, called Anglica, which includes the Archives and the royal palace, which I am going to call The High Castle, I'll have to give you guys that treat later, though.

This is probably where you want to skip to
Speaking of cool names, I've also been thinking of cool names for missions/campaigns, which will probably be presented like the ones in Halo, or at least that's what I'm going for, here's a short (bad) list:

The Zanzibar Problem
Harlowe Conspiracy
Guarding the Gates of Dawn
Test Station Zero
Operation Fulcrum
Fleet Attack Plan "R"; The Lever Force
Disaster in the Ardennes
The Kharkov Operation: Rook takes Knight
Arklow Avenged
Ivan and the Watchmaker
The Siege of Sevastopol
Counteroffensive at Kursk
Assault on the Fortress of Fear
The Locus of Victory and Defeat

Someday I get to plan to plan out missions for those names, and they should be pretty cool. So I'm tired, thanks for letting me waste your time,

-Mark the Artist/Making-Stuff-Up-Guy

This video just has 2 scenes. The first one is from an earlier build of the engine, without trees and couds, and with a crappy ground texture. The second one is from the current version, with the gradient-ed texture, trees, clouds, fire, and randomly generated terrain. I should have more exciting videos soon, once I start getting actual gameplay running, and hopefully my mic will work to, because quiet movies are boring....

Dogfight Engine Movie: Physics(3.93MB)

Peace Out!
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Cool mission names, and cool demo! [smile]

My only piece of critiquè is that some particles seem to get lodged into the side of the terrain rather than bouncing. Depending on how you coded it, you might get around this by reverting the particle's positon back to where it was one frame PRIOR to its collision before setting its bounce velocity. I've had this happen before too where if a grenade goes into a wall-collision too fast it adds the bounce velocity, but that velocity isn't enough to get it back out of the wall!

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@hopedagger - Thanks for the advice, I was setting the particles y position to the height of the heightmap at it's current location, but unfortunately, that was still close enough to register a collision. Your suggestion made me look at that code again, and setting the y-position to the heightmap's height + 1 pixel has fixed most of the sticking problems. I'd rate++ you, but it wont let me anymore[grin]

@Samsonite && ildave1 - Thank you kind sirs[grin]

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Haha, I wrote a game idea back in the day where I named an empire/city Anglica. Great work, keep it up!


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Haha, I wrote a game idea back in the day where I named an empire/city Anglica. Great work, keep it up!


Oh, Really? Damn. Well was it a reference to the Angles, the ancient people who basically founded Britian? (the name England itself is derived from Angle-Land)

But still... damn.
The name Archangel is also pretty overused, too...
Anyway good to have you back, TraderJack, I can't wait for some screenshots(even if they haven't changed much)

-Mark The Artist

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(even if they haven't changed much)

Haha, besides the idea of new levels, no. I still owe you a favor, by the way.

And my "Anglica" was a refrence to the Anglican Church (synonymous with the Episcopalian Church, or Church of England).

And thanks for the welcome back; it's good to see you too!


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Yeah, actually my mid did go to the Anglican church, I was trying to think of some obscure references to Britian, and the Angle-land thing turned into the Anglican Church into Anglica in my mind, so we're not too far off.

I wish I could find more time to do some art for you, maybe in a few weeks (Summer!!!), but our current projects are pretty consuming, as you can hopefully tell.

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