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Da weekend

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Didn't do much game-related this weekend. Friday was Shelly's parents 40th anniversary dinner. We took 'em to Buca Di Beppo, which is a good place to take a big crowd of folks on short notice. We didn't have a very big crowd (11 people), but it worked out really well.

Saturday Maggie had yet another Pump It Up party. It's about the fifth one this year. She loves that place. After that, we met up with the Careys and did Six Flags. Maggie and Dee had big fun on the kiddie rides, but the Spongebob 3D move was too much for either of the kiddos. We're gonna stick with the kiddie rides for the time being.

Unfortunately, it started raining about an hour into the trip, so we decided to cut the Six Flags thing short and head back home. We were sufficiently dry by about halfway home, so we stopped at our local comic shop for Free Comic Book Day. Maggie was allowed to pick her own free comics from the table, and not-unexpectedly she went straight for "Betty and Veronica".

We had our biweekly Ancient Mythology class at Humanist Hall on Sunday. It's rather fun, as we usually get into discussions of story and narrative and such. Since Shelly and Maggie had read the B&V comic the previous night, Shelly started ranting about how stupid and contrived the story was (something about a fashion model contest and B&V designing a dress that was stolen). We then asked if the stories have gotten more stupid recently or if they were always that way. Shelly reluctantly admitted that B&V stories are just as deep now as they were as a kid. They were every bit as awful back then, and she loved 'em dearly.

I can't much complain. I watched Gilligan's Island religiously as a kid, and I can't sit through an episode anymore.

I am the best father in the universe. We have a kid across the street from us who attends Maggie's school and is practically the same age as Maggie. Last week we got our reports from Maggie's teachers of her progress. The mom of kid-across-the-street was a bit annoyed that her kid wasn't progressing as well as Maggie -- Maggie's starting to read by herself, but he's still learning his letters and the sounds they make. The teacher advised the mom that she not make Maggie the base for comparison because "Maggie is a very advanced student".

Therefore I am the best dad in the universe. My daughter is destined to be the president of the United States.

Although I don't wanna jinx it. I know that if I start grooming my kid to be president, I'll end up with this.

Nice chestbutt.
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Even though the show hasn't been officially cancelled, it got pulled from the May sweeps, which means that it's pretty much dead.

I never actually saw it, so I can't say if it was good or not. I've always been a huge fan of The West Wing though (at least up until last year, then it kind of went downhill), and I'm sad (but relieved) that it's ending too.


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