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All before 10 am

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I woke up at 6:30 this morning. I've done some laundry, I took down the grape vine that was growing on some wires outside. I sent off the package containing birthday presents to Elspeth. I received the cigarettes I ordered from smokes-spirits.com ($9.49 a carton for those of you who smoke).

Yesterday, I was looking around at various abstract games, which means of course that I'm looking for a new little game to make, and I prefer abstract games to base them on.

Anyway, I noticed Dominions. It bears a similarily to ChemHex that is unmistakable (for the record, I did not know about this game when making ChemHex... ChemHex was inspired by Carcassonne). Dominions is described as being something of a Go variant, and I was talking this over with John Hattan momentarily, and since ChemHex is similar to Dominions, and Carcassonne is related to ChemHex because that is the place I started from, then therefore Carcassonne must be related to Go, and so must ChemHex.

The primary difference between ChemHex and Go/Dominions/Carcassonne is that pieces are removed from the board in ChemHex, but not so in any of the others.

For those of you who play Carcassonne and might be interested in what the link is between ChemHex and the game, the atoms represent roads, with the exceptions of the Helium atoms (which represent the monasteries) and the question atom (which represents the "artistic liberties" taken on my part).
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