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Project: Pokemon Gold Remake

Well, I have been working on and off on the project the last couple of hours, mainly theoretical(my friend do the coding, I do the thinking, mostly [grin]).

First off, he got scrolling working. And portals mostly work. I also managed to code some on the map editor, but I'm not that good with BlitzMAX yet, so right now it only loads and renders a level where you can move the "tile selector" around. Next up is adding image selection, pasting of images and saving of level.

As I mentioned we have some problems with portals. The thing is. This is a scrolling game so portals will be offscreen too. Right now we have implemented "world coordinates" so that when the player moves left x units, all portals move right x units. Doesn't work as expected, so if you guys have any input on how to handle these things, we will be most grateful!


This is the bedroom:

This shows how the world scrolls:


Well, I wasn't at school today, woke up at 10 AM(I start at 09:45 mondays), since It takes me 2 hours to get to school I just took a day off...[grin]
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So when do we get to see a demo? >:)

(And why is the page margin so wide on your journal?)

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It's because I don't know how to use <*hr>, [smile].(Anyone?)

Anyways, I think we will have a demo ready when collision detection and portals are working correctly. So maybe on Friday or Saturday [smile].

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