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Turning old into new...

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Greetings All,

Well, here it is just a few days after the ceation of my journal and I am already missing days. Well, to be honest with you I doubt very seriously I'll enter journal entries every day, but I have been feeling a bit guilty since I just created it.

Unfortunately, the application development I'm doing is still "confidential," so I can't show anything of the interface, etc...and I know all of you out there in GD.Net land love screenies. So I was trying to figure out what I could show you and it occured to me that I had a whole "attic" of things I've developed over the years. Some interesting...some a little less interesting. [smile]

At any rate, while digging through my attic I found one of my earlier projects - a random maze generator created as an MFC application. For the hell of it I decided to convert it to .NET using Managed C++ and post it here for all to enjoy.

Since I know everyone loves screenies...here ya go...

A 10x10 perfect maze

A 25x25 perfect maze

And the grand-daddy 50x50 perfect maze

Source Code:

The algorithm is what I call a "knock-down" algorithm, but I hear similarly implemented generators are said to be based on "Kruskal's algorithm." At any rate, the algorithm generates a 2-dimensional, perfect maze, where from any given point there is EXACTLY one path to any other given point within the maze. It is not the fastest, nor the most memory efficient method to randomly generate mazes, but hey, I was like 16 when I wrote this, so gimme a break. [cool]

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To be a nitpicker, isn't that C++/CLI? I thought Managed C++ was the lame 'managed extensions' MS released with VS.NET 2003.

(Mazes look groovy, though! [grin])

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Yeah, I guess technically they renamed the language with .NET 2005. Heh, just used to calling it MC++. [rolleyes]

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