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Progress Report

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Due to some of the performance problems [see below] I poked around at Rendering to Texture, and then just displaying that. From vague memories of forum posts made by those who know more than me, that's the way to go. Seems reasonable without any knowledge.

Anyways, it was actually pretty easy to setup. A custom renderable which overrides the targeting of all of its children. The children then render to a texture, which can then be reused. In theory and everything. A quick test works, but I've not the time to hack this caching into the mapdisplay to test practical benefits yet. Assuming of course I don't run into tons of problems I don't even know exist. Poor odds... Perhaps tonight, perhaps tomarrow.

[edit: ~2am]

Quick hack caching into the test layer and the coordinate layer. For some reason the rendered-to-texture is off by 1, and a quick search yields no results... Used a ShadowRect to make it off by -1 when displayed. Icky.

In better news, the simple changes bumped Release mode FPS from 18 to ~47-55. Caching the other layers and caching the different layers into one should help even more if needs be.

Still need to get off my ass and get things working; unit movement, player orders, turn transitions, the whole project structure, buildings, FoW discovery... Pretty much the entire game. I just need to focus on the basics, and build up/out from there.
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