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Sorry, but I need to play.

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I've figured out 80% of what I need to make my next game. I've been studying source code for X-Out's Prototype (winner of shmup-dev.com's contest), Chromium BSU, and others I could find.

I decided to restart my game dev efforts back in February, and I have yet to produce something. I will make another game, but there another huge thing that I also needed to get done too.

I've got a huge back-log of video games to play. Since I've graduated and started work, I haven't taken the opportunity to really play all the games I bought. I'm a whole generation behind, I've yet to play FF IX for the PSOne.

So I've been trying to accomplish both at an unremarkable pace. I still have a huge pile of un-opened games, and a non-existant game my mind won't me forget to develop. And I have only just so much free time these days.

I weighed the two, and I realize that I have way more games in my library to play than to make (duh...) Its not even a library its an archive (my brother remarks). I'm going to now concentrate on playing or selling off my games before I can seriously get back into gamedev.


List of games I have and yet not played (off the top of my head and ones I can see from where I'm sitting, so there's more):

Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy Tactics Adavance
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X2
XenoSaga 2
God of War
Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones
Grownlanser Generations (*snif* RIP Working Designs *snif*)
La Pucelle Tactics
Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Time/Ages
Tales of Symphonia
Metroid Prime 2
Eternal Darkness
Gradius III/IV
Gardius V
R-Type Legends
R-Type Delta
Blast Chamber (when did I get this?)
Deus Ex PS2 (huh?)
Legend of Dragoon (I didn't buy this, did I?)
Gran Tursimo 3
Gran Turisom 4
Virtua Figher 4 Evolution
Tekken 4
Shenmue 2
Jade Empire
Doom 3 PC
Half-Life 2 PC

This is very depressing, and this is just the tip of the iceburg. I need to get caught up before the next generation is completely with us. I at least want to play Wind Waker before the next Zelda game comes.

My brother jokes I could sell all my games and make enough money to start a game studio, thus solving my dilema. Honestly though, if it was possible, it would've been the perfect solution.

I need sleep.

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Dude... if you're not going to play those, you could totally mail them to me. That would be 1337.


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I had the same problem: tons of games I bought but never played. I finally sold all of them off (after giving some of them a try), and I'm a much happier man.

Part of my problem is a palpable sensation of dread I feel after I buy the game, that it will require too much time and effort to complete, and that I will never get through it (Splinter Cell reduced me to an exhausted mess of fingers and palpitating grey matter after about 15 hours of play and no sign of nearing the freaking end!)

So I'm buying an Xbox 360 later this year. Why? Xbox Live Arcade. Viva Piñata. Short, casual games that don't seek to engulf my whole life. And then I can play the occasional "mainstream" title (probably in co-op mode) that I really get into, like Halo (which I finished in co-op, but never solo).

Know what else I plan to buy this year? A Wii. Because it plans to offer casual games and the entire Nintendo back catalog, which is a great way for me to play games that were shorter because their physical media only held 6 MB!

Go play, though. Sounds like you need a break.

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You totally understand me, Oluseyi. The problem with games these days is you need to invest alot of time with them to fully enjoy them. I know I don't have time to finsish any of these games, so I get afraid to even start.

I bought a second playstation (Came with free a copy of GT4 so $129 - $29 = $99CAD I figure), set it up in my bedroom with a Commodore monitor (made a custom S-Video to Chroma/Luma cable) and a spare 3.1 computer speaker set. This way, my little brother can continue to play his games on the PS2, while I marathon my way through my library of PS1 and PS2 games at my convenience. I'll probably trade one these PS2 along with the GC for a Wii when it comes out.

I'm gonna start playing with my recent purchaces, make most of their value while they're still quite sellable.

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