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Checkpoints seem to work. Tomorrow, I'm going to set them up in every level, play through the game, and see if it works well. I also will have to make some design changes to the end of Level 3.

I'm also going to postpone work on Level 5 until I finish a scoring system. I know some of you have been asking for this, and I realize now that this will be the best way to add some replay value to the game. Also, it will give incentive to not just run past everybody.

I did think of what the level 5 boss will be. I'm not going to say much (I like to wait to show a screenshot), but I will say one thing: it's big.
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There are 5 levels!? I got to the boss on level 1 and just assumed he was unbeatable... I was aiming at the wrong target, maybe? Oh well, time to run through the game again...


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Just keep shooting him, he'll die eventually[grin]

I suggest using grenades on him to take off a lot of damage. He has alot of health though, so just keep shooting.

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Press 4 to switch to grenades, and 1 to switch back to the pistol. If you get to the later levels, you'll get weapons corresponding to 2 and 3 also.

I really need to package a readme with the next demo, sorry about that.

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