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The dreaded network rewrite (again)

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You'd think after writing the network code the first two times I'd learn. No way. [smile]

First off all, I offer my huge thanks to Phil Frisbie Jr. who wrote the very impressive HawkNL networking library. It's been great to me, aside from the few caveats with the UDP system he's implemented that I wasn't aware of until recently. This article has (in summation) much told me that UDP on HawkNL is more or less incomplete. It seems to use one port per client, amongst other things, which I now see has been the culprit of all of these strange network/router issues I've been having.

So with many-a-sighs I believe I will be resigning to Winsock, and hopefully will be rewriting this confounded networking system for Skirmish for the last time. Then maybe I can get on to content or something foreign like that, hehe. ;)

And thus v0.05 is not completed yet. I'll try to do this rewrite in a week -- or less if my compiler is forgiving -- so that I can push forward once more and have a nice big juicy [successful?] public test.

I'm pretty down in the dumps about all of this, so if anyone has any false optimisisms to share with me, you'd best do it now. :P
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[insert false optimism here] =Þ

I've never tried coding a network system, so I have no insight to give you, but I can give you a good luck.

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Hmmm, optimism..... at least you didn't get a ticket for running a stop sign this Saturday at 1:00 at night....

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Dont worry! It will all be a breeze! I bet you will have it done in 3 days tops! [/false optimism]

No seriously, good luck!

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I strongly suggest you run down to a local bookstore and check out Game Programming Gems 5. In the networking section, their is an article on a reliable network protocol -- at the very least it will give you some good ideas. Catch me on msn sometime, and we can chat about this stuff.

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I'll bring Jelly beans over for the next public test. :D Plus a .rar of scenery.

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