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Been a while, so I figured I oughta post something.

Turns out I did lose some stuff with my old hard drive - lost a bunch of artwork I had done for GC. Not a huge setback, but still a major annoyance. What's even more annoying is that I think I did actually have the folder backed up but it somehow didn't get transferred over to the new drive when I was restoring things and ended up deleted instead. *sigh* I haven't done any more work on the AI since my original musings last month. In fact I haven't touched TGB since I got my new hard drive, although I do have the latest build downloaded and Torsion installed. Why? I dunno, guess I needed a break. It's starting to nag at me again tho, so I should be back at it with a vengeance soon enough.

So I'm looking forward to my first lax summer in two years. With no Great Adventure this year that means I'm only coaching Tue, Wed and Thurs (mornings also on Tues and Thurs) and I'm not working at the park the other four days. Wow. Free time. What will I do?? [lol] I'm sure I'll still be busy as all hell.

Righty then, guess that'll do for now. Want to get in a few more hours of Deus Ex since I got all the work done today I wanted to. Yea I got this urge to play through it again - such an awesome and timeless game, I wish they would come out with a remake using today's technology. That would just rock.

Yes... yes it would...
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