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Hey everyone!

I had a huge movie I was working on for you guys today, but then windows movie maker crashed and I lost all the narration, so I've decided to give you guys an even bigger one tomorrow!

The Coding Front
I spent some time today fixing the physics in the Dogfight Engine (thanks HopeDagger), and getting my first weather effects running in game. I got rain, fog, and nighttime all implemented today, which is pretty cool. I even made a fancy (not really) lighting effect by momentarily brightening the lights in the scene, and then bringing them back down. There's no visible "bolt" yet, but once I add that and a thunder sound effect, it should be pretty cool.

The Artist Front
Nothing really happened today..... yeah

The Make Other People Feel Better About Themselves Front
So I got pulled over for running a stop sign this Saturday. It really makes me mad, because it wasn't even a conscious decision like "I'm going to speed home!", or "I'm going to U-turn where it says not to!", I just zoned out for a second and blew right past it. I was even going below the speed limit... Oh well, I blatantly did it, so I'm not going to argue......

Well, have a nice day! Peace Out!
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