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Back to work

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SQLiteZinc has now gone a week without a bug report, and I have it working in four games without any new bugs, so I'm probably gonna declare the thing to be version 1.0 and leave it up there forever. I got two promises from people that they'd toss a few bucks in the "tip jar" but not a dime from it, which is about what I expected.

No biggie. I never intended it to be a profit center. I wrote it to solve a problem for me.

Four standalone games are basically done. Time for another web-game. My plan is to get six daily-puzzle and standalone games, then re-deploy 'em up on my site. The current three that are up are a good "proof of concept" that the model works. Now it's just a matter of fleshing it out and putting up a moneymaking version.
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Nice work :)
I'll be up front, Sorry that I have no intrest in tipping. (Won't be using it, or if do, not for many years) Although I am looking forward the standalone version of confusebox :D Which probably requires paying for :)

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