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Some more progress

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Project: Pokemon Gold Remake

Ok people, my friend managed to finish up portals, and I managed to do something on the map editor:

-User can now select tiles from an imagestrip.
-User can now paint tiles on a map. [smile]
-Added some instructions on top of the program

Another thing is that we will most likely have to change our name, trademark issues [sad].

So thats it. Here's some screens of the map editor:

And another one


I'm in need of fresh air.

See, our school is like, 90 years old, and the air system doesn't work at all(quite the contrary, it pukes out toxic gas). In addition, our school is being renovated, so our windows are covered with plastic, which equals no fresh air [sad]. It will probably stay that way the next 7 weeks .

Damn i'm dizzy already...

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Looking good, Samsonite. Keep up the steady progress! [smile]

(For lack of a more interesting comment, hehe. Give us more juicy code details and I'll whack you with bigger comments. ;P)

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Ok, I will give nifty code details! Hold on [smile]

EDIT: No, wait. Next update will hopefully contain some code info...[smile]

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