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Mischief #1: Spoonthievery

Okay, I'm confused. So I stole a spoon from the dining hall so I could eat my icecream cone more effectively, and some of my friends were like "wtf you stole a spoon?!" to which I replied "there is no spoon!" to which they responded with O_o.

How the hell do people not get these references? It seems like I have to explain everything to them (the ORLY owl, all your base, everything).

Gosh. What do people spend their time doing? [wow]
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Recommended Comments

Drinking. Like you! [smile]

Seriously, my guess would be that these people are so concentrated on the situation(you STEALING that spoon(!)), that they didn't notice your reference to The Matrix!

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Okay, good. Because I'm keeping the spoon.

(lol, did I get rated down for spoontheft?)

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Evil Spoontheif is hit for a -2 to his rating =Þ
I would rate you up for the spoontheft, but I can't [sad].

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They need a "Martyr-like in his/her dedication to being helpful and/or friendly" just for felony level dining-ware capers.

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