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Skeletal animation

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Well I fixed my skeletal animation system. No screenies, animation doesn't come out too well in them. I might do skinning later but it's not necessary now. I'm going to have to see if I can get some better performance out of the system, because it's disappointingly slow right now, even though I'm using VBOs.

Next plan is to do some cool lighting shizzel. Depending on how fast I want to get into my game I'll divert via radiosity, it seems pretty interesting. The next stage for my game requires figuring out IK so that can be done soon ish.

In other news it looks like over the summer while I'm at my internship at IBM, I'll be staying in a flat on an island!

check it out!

Pretty cool :).

I missed yesterdays update because I went to bed early. I'm sorry everyone!
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