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w00t, double w00t, and sadness =(

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w00t - My mp3 player came today (2 days after ordering.)
double w00t - My monitor shipped a couple days ago instead of tomorrow (it'll probably (hopefully) show up tomorrow.)
sadness - I'm not going to be posting for a few days since I can't really post anything other than "came up with a good idea" or "came up with a bad idea." I am also stopping work on all of my side projects until after the kickoff, since its getting very close and we have a shitload of stuff to do.

On a side note - I came up with a pretty decent idea, too bad it doesn't fit with the theme =/. I'll stash it with the others so that I have some ideas for when I do my project 2 (which will also be an adventure game.)

On another side note - Shaders are damn good fun. I reimplemented the core of the system (as well as the texture system) because I was implementing it with static functions which doesn't work with derived classes. So, instead I coded a ResourcePool class that can be used for any of the modules. YAY FOR CODE REUSE!!!

My demo app is pretty hacked together, but its making playing with shaders a lot more fun. I coded in a MultiTexShader derived class just to test out the system and it works. Then I added input so that I can press space and it reloads all of the shader's parameters (including textures.) So, I can modify the fx file or either of my bitmaps and then go to the app and press space and viola, instant update. Now I need to find a way to stall my app or whatnot (so that its not eating all of my processor power when I alt-tab away.

I'll probably show a shader screenshot come thursday or friday when I update again.
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